Irrigation and Drainage

Water is one of the most vital aspects of plant health. Whether it’s too much or not quite enough water, GreenMark can address and correct irrigation and drainage issues. We have two licensed irrigators on staff as well as experienced crews. Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and requires that all irrigation work be completed by licensed professionals.

GreenMark Environmental Irrigation and Drainage Solutions:

Irrigation Design – LI #19706
Irrigation Installation – LI #19706
Irrigation Maintenance – LI #19706
Irrigation Repair – LI #19706
Winter Shutdown and Spring Start Up
Backflow Replacement and Repair
Irrigation Assessment
Irrigation Modifications
Irrigation Shutdown prior to pool construction
Irrigation Freeze Protection
Container and Planter Micro Irrigation
French Drain Installation
Diversion of surface water
Drainage System Installation
Drainage Swales
Fountain Installation


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